Skoura, Morroco

When I chose Morroco as the final destination of my trip I didn't know what to expected. I don't regret of my decision. My first stop in the african country, Skoura, a little town at the South of Morroco, home of 2800 people. Skoura is located  about 40 km from Ouazazarte, one of the most visited areas in Morroco for being the door to the desert. To get there, we crossed the Atlas Mountain from Marrakesh. On the other side, the long rocky desert of Atlas, location of different films and series like Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Cleopatra, Babel, Alexandre and The Mummy. I got a lot of this information from our driver and tour guide, while he was taking us to the hotel. I was already excited and we haven't even got to our desnination, the Dar Ahlam.

About the Dar Ahlam, where to even begin? Little I knew about this hotel, but two phrases got stuck in my head from the search I did before the trip. It's also called "the house of dreams" and "you will never eat twice at the same place". Yes, they were right. No doubt this is the best hotel I've ever been. Dar Ahlam is a 19th century traditional Kasbah and hotel boutique designed by Thierry Teyssier, with a capacity of only 28 people and an almost 4:1 staff-to-guest ratio, ready to serve every of your wishes, and to make each day an unexpected experience. Built in 1920 and once the Sultan’s hunting ground, the property underwent a complete renovation in 2002, becoming one of Morocco’s most exclusive hotels. Once you’re inside, it’s amazing. It doesnt feels like a hotel. No reception, no keys to your room, no telephone, no tv, and wifi only in some areas of the property, something really hard for internet addicts. You go to this place to relax. They will make sure to have everything ready for you. Meals are simple: no menu and no room service. You just say what time you want to have each meal, and where it’s placed is a surprise. Each individual dining experience is created personally for you and no experience is repeated twice.

Our days in Skoura went between excursion througth “The valley of 1000 Kasbah”, walks through local farms and irrigation systems, the Palm groves and the town, a visit to the Kasbah Amridil, an incredible 17th-century structure and a roadtrip to the desert. Highlight of the trip: having a picnic at the Throat of Sidi Fla, an Oasis in the middle of the desert, organized by the team of Dar Ahlam.

Views of the Atlas desert

Next-level picnic at The Throat of Sidi Fla, an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Huge thanks to the team of Dar Ahlam for this incredible experience. 

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